Polyglot Gathering Online comes back in 2022!

Polyglot Gathering Online is set to happen again in 2022 from 28th April to 1st May. You’ll get to enjoy talks, language practice rooms, cultural and social activities there again! Registration is now open here. Early bird tickets are available only until the 23rd of March, so register ASAP!

A draft programme can be seen here. The final programme will be made by the contributions of the various participants such as you. Fill in this form to attend as a speaker and propose your own talk, workshop, crash course or panel discussion to us!

One of the good things about online events is their inclusiveness, which allowed for the past two Polyglot Gatherings Online to gather a record number of more than 1100 language lovers from across the Globe! We’ve noticed a significant increase in participants from Asia, Africa and Latin America in particular. Even though 2022 will be the year the Polyglot Gathering comes back in person (1-6 June, in Poland), we’re not giving up on the advantages of online polyglottery!

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