Polski.info – platform for learning the 2nd most used Slavic language is here!

„Mówisz po polsku?” If your answer is still „no” and you are interested into learning this lively Slavic language, now there is a great opportunity for you! Education@Internet in cooperation with a team of international partners has created an e-learning platform for learning the Polish language polski.info. The platform will make language self-learners around the world rejoice. Out of curiosity – did you know that Polish is the 2nd most-used Slavic language in the world? The number of its speakers is close to 50 million!

Learning aided by the use of the Internet is one of the simplest and most efficient ways of learning, also used in language learning. Polski.info, an interactive learning platform helps to acquire the basics of the Polish language. All this online, effectively and for free. The platform has been created especially for those foreigners who wish to start to speak Polish and learn more about Poland – a country boasting a rich European history and culture. The platform includes basic information about life in Poland, Polish traditions, and the language used in everyday communication. Materials made available on polski.info allow users to learn to communicate in Polish, help to understand the Poles and their lives, and may even boost their chances on the job market.

What does the portal offer and how has it come to existence?

The polski.info portal contains a Polish course at A1 and A2 level (including an introductory pronunciation lesson), a grammar guide as well as a dictionary with an audio recording of correct pronunciation. The platform also includes multimedia materials, interactive exercises, texts or a forum offering users the opportunity to use practical language to communicate with each other. Level A1 consists of 22 lessons, while level A2 contains 20 of them. Each lesson offers users the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the cultural specifications related with the topic as well as to explore specific grammatical phenomenon in a broader context.

The portal was created thanks to the Erasmus+ programme, as a result of the cooperation of six international partner organisations:

When will the platform be ready for use?

It is already usable right now! These days, the last parts of the A2 course are being prepared. The platform will be fully functional and ready for use by the end of August. You can register and explore it by clicking on this link. On the FB page of the portal, you can find interesting facts from Polish culture, language or tongue twisters and quizzes. If you are interested in learning something about the language of this Slavic country, make sure to visit the new portal www.polski.info!

The NGO Education@Internet started exploring the possibilities of the Internet for education in as early as 2002 with the platform for learning the simplest language in the world – Esperanto. Since then it has also made e-learning platforms available for learning Russian, Slovak and German.


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