Other events

World Esperanto Congress 2016

The World Esperanto Congress (Universala Kongreso de Esperanto, UK) is the biggest and oldest meeting of Esperanto speakers. The 101st congress took place in Nitra, Slovakia and was co-organised by E@I.

More information on Wikipedia: eo.wikipedia.org and nitra2016.ikso.net


Sennacieca Asocio Tutmonda (SAT, World Anational Association) meets during a congress every year. In 2015, E@I organised it in Nitra, Slovakia.

Official website: satesperanto.org

More information on Wikipedia: eo.wikipedia.org

Wikimedia CEE meeting 2013

Wikimedia CEE meeting 2013 was held between the 14th and 17th of November 2013 in Modra, Slovakia. It is a meeting of Wikimedia users and activists from Central and Eastern Europe. This meeting was organized by Wikimedia Slovakia and E@I and hosted 40-50 Wikimedia activists from several countries. This meeting is supported by the Wikimedia Foundation as well as by some national Wikimedia organizations. The special “V4 for Wikipedia” project has also received support from the Visegrád Foundation.

Training about machine translation tool WikiTrans and Wikipedia

WikiTrans, a program developed for free by Eckhard Bick, is able to translate from English to Wikipedia all 4,182,609 articles of the English-language Wikipedia. However, they cannot be automatically integrated to the Esperanto Wikipedia, because they need to be corrected, linguistically and technically. Proofreading of machine-translated articles can accelerate the growth of the size and quality of the Esperanto Wikipedia, much more than writing new articles.

Between the 1st and 5th of May, 2013, a workshop in the town of Partizánske (Slovakia) taught how to contribute to Wikipedia with the help of Wikitrans. There were also discussions about organization and technical aspects.

Sand Spring (Sabla Printempo)

E@I was a partner during the training seminary in the town of Písek, Czech Republic, organized by ĈEA (Czech Esperanto Association) and ĈEJ (Young Czech Esperantists), from the 9th to the 11th of April, 2010. Two board members (Peter Baláž and Marek Blahuš) gave talks about the activities of E@I and led practical trainings about the digitalization of materials (books, pictures, documents) and video editing (how to create subtitles).

Previous meetings

“New projects for Europe”, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2007

Planning of new projects related to the year 2008: the International Year of Languages of the UN and the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue.

“Languages in the Internet”, Brno, Czech Republic, 2006

In total 23 young people from 9 countries took part in the training seminar organized in cooperation with E@I and ĈEJ, subsidized by the Youth foundation. The topic was “language diversity and its specific traits in network environment”. Instruction about search engine optimization of websites and the Youth program took part, and the event culminated with a visit to a computational linguistics laboratory at the Masaryk University. The entertaining part included an international evening and a trip to caves of the Moravian karst. The results were subsequently presented at the KAEST science conference in Dobřichovice, whose main topic was “Language and the Internet.”

“Let us be known”, Partizánske, Slovakia, 2005

A training seminar organized in cooperation of E@I and SKEJ, subsidized by the Youth program. In total 18 young people from 7 countries took part. The theme was “to learn how to present one’s own organization in the media, to the public”. The topics of instruction included graphics, poster producing, leaflets, article authoring, website creation. The program continued by visit to an advertising agency. The entertaining program included an international evening and a trip to the castle of Bojnice.

“Interculture Online”, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2004

A seminar on intercultural learning and language learning. Approx. 40 participants from 4 continents.

“Learning Online”, Boston, USA, 2003

A workshop seminar about websites for online learning. The seminar was hosted by the MIT university.

“Informing Online”, Lesjöfors, Sweden, 2002

A combined theoretical and workgroup seminar about online and offline information dissemination. The results of the seminar included two movies, posters, t-shirts, leaflets and the first version of the Online Information Center.

“Languages Online”, Čačak, Yugoslavia, 2002

Bilingual E@I seminar which included language courses, lessons on website authoring, planning of language instruction online projects etc.

“Cooperation Online”, Uppsala, Sweden, 2001

A seminar on the usage of online technologies for international youth cooperation. Several at that time novel technologies were presented and tested, and the results were put into the form of a wiki website, at the disposal of those who did not participate in the seminar.

Introductory seminar, Stockholm, Sweden, 2000

A seminar organized in order to launch the E@I workgroup. Goals of the organization were defined, brainstorming about project ideas ocurred, experience and ideas were exchanged.