Russian Online

A website for self-learning Russian, modeled on the successes of,, and other websites. It contains a complete course for levels A1 and A2, dictionaries, grammar articles, and […]

A multilingual website to teach the Slovak language to foreigners. The project is supported by the EU agency EACEA (“Lifelong learning” program) and was launched in March 2011. The website […]


“Cybermobbing” is one of our projects which are unrelated to learning languages. During two years, a multilingual website will be created with instructions, information and warnings about the dangers of […]

A multilingual educational website will cover topics of languages, promote existing web-based courses, and demonstrate that languages can be both fun and useful.


Home of a multilingual Esperanto course, aimed at those who are interested in learning Esperanto. As well as courses at different levels, the site contains dictionaries, a grammatical overview, spoken […]

Multilingual website for teaching German to non-German speakers. The project was supported by the EU agency EACEA (”lifelong study” program) and launched in 2013. The website was created based on […]

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