Kuarki – Traveller between wor(l)ds

Kuarki – Traveller between wor(l)ds is a free app for multilingual kids over the age of 10. With the help of this app children can expand their vocabulary and practice […]

Computer for everyone

A course on how to work with computers on the Internet for those who lack basic skills in this area. A total of 10 trainings in 8 towns of the […]

Multilingual Accelerator

The goal is to create a “multilingual accelerator” that will allow children to become multilingual more quickly and to trust their language abilities. The core idea is that learning Esperanto […]

Polish Online

The interactive e-learning platform polski.info will help you to learn the basic elements of Polish – the second most widely spoken Slavic language after Russian – and all of that […]


While European classrooms get more and more diverse and unite students of various identities, teachers throughout Europe are not always capable of implementing diversity approaches adequately and have troubles keeping […]

Traveler between wor(l)ds

The target audience of this project (2016-2019) are multilingual children. A typical example are families that have relocated to other countries, where their children grow up in an environment of […]

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