Computer for everyone

A course on how to work with computers on the Internet for those who lack basic skills in this area. A total of 10 trainings in 8 towns of the […]

Multilingual Accelerator

The goal is to create a “multilingual accelerator” that will allow children to become multilingual more quickly and to trust their language abilities. The core idea is that learning Esperanto […]

Polish Online

The interactive e-learning platform will help you to learn the basic elements of Polish – the second most widely spoken Slavic language after Russian – and all of that […]


While European classrooms get more and more diverse and unite students of various identities, teachers throughout Europe are not always capable of implementing diversity approaches adequately and have troubles keeping […]

Traveler between wor(l)ds

The target audience of this project (2016-2019) are multilingual children. A typical example are families that have relocated to other countries, where their children grow up in an environment of […]

Russian Online

A website for self-learning Russian, modeled on the successes of,, and others. It contains complete courses for levels A1 and A2, dictionaries, grammar articles, and listening and […]

IpuS – Let’s talk about Porno

This provocatively named project aims to draw attention to the dangers of online pornography and sexting for children and teenagers. Sexting is the mutual sending and receiving of intimate photos […]

Schau hin

This project acts as a continuation of the project “Cybermobbing”, extending the content of to cover modern issues such as sexting and personal data protection, problems which pose the […]

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