TestU Online – free portal of tests for education

TestU Online is a free of charge, multilingual, online e-learning platform enabling easy and fast creation of various quizzes, tests, and exercises primarily intended for learning languages. The platform users […]

Kuarki – Traveller between wor(l)ds

Kuarki – Traveller between wor(l)ds is a free-of-charge application for multilingual children from the age of five. It helps children develop their vocabulary and practice reading and writing. Children who […]

Computer for everyone

A course designed for people who do not possess basic computer skills, but who would like to.  The course will be run at a total of 10 training sessions in […]

Multilingual Accelerator

The goal is to create a “multilingual accelerator” that will allow children to become multilingual more quickly and to trust their language abilities. The core idea is that learning Esperanto […]

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