A project to teach the Spanish language (with an emphasis on business language) and deliver practical advice for business with Spanish companies. E@I is a partner in the project, responsible […]

Esperanto 55+

This two-year (2009-2011) project is aimed towards older people, and its main goal is to prepare a team of Esperanto teachers for Universities of the Third Age. New teachers began […]

Lingva Prismo

A website about language diversity which presents a variety of the world’s languages and alphabets and encourages the learning of facts about languages through an online quiz. The original website […]


Interkulturo is a project which facilitates cultural exchange between groups located throughout the world – to get in touch, get to know each other and exchange questions, doubts, knowledge, interests.


The Nitobe Center for language democracy promotes public debate about international communication and equal language politics, particularly in the European Union.


A multilingual free website and information portal about the international language Esperanto and its culture: grammar, history, movement, and so on. Much of the page consists of news about Esperanto, […]

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