Multilingual website about the life and work of L.L. Zamenhof, created on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his death.

Prague Manifesto

This website aims to present a significant document of the Esperanto movement – the Prague Manifesto, on its 20th anniversary. The website was created and launched for the Zamenhof Day […]


Ridejo is a website for jokes and memes in Esperanto. Visitors to the site can upvote the ones that make them laugh, and also upload their own content. We look […]


This website explains the basic rules of the fantasy game Pathfinder in Esperanto. Pathfinder is a table role-playing game in which the Game Master describes the events of the game […]


A portal of computer related terms in as many languages as possible, created in order to promote correct language usage and combat the hegemony of American English in technological jargon […]


An online electronic archive of Esperanto materials such as books, documents and pictures. The aim is to conserve works with a literary value. only contains works for which author […]

Reta PIV

A free online version of the “Plena Ilustrita Vortaro de Esperanto” was launched on the 4th of April, 2012. This electronic version of the famous dictionary “PIV” was possible thanks […]

Bonan Apetiton

Apetito is a new website about cooking in Esperanto. It contains recipes as well as articles about cooking, healthy food and related topics. The most visible feature of Apetito is […]

Toki pona

Toki Pona is a philosophical language with about a hundred speakers worldwide. Unlike other planned languages, its aim is not to be an international language, but to be used as […]

Esperanto Elektronike

This DVD is the most comprehensive and colourful resource about the international language Esperanto. It caters for everyone: for Esperantists, it provides lots of interesting E-resources (books, articles, music…), for […]

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