About us

Education@Internet (E@I) was founded as a politically neutral non-government youth organisation in 2005. It was founded based on the expertise of an international team which worked on internet projects; it was active under that name from 1999 as an organisation without legal personality.

The vision of E@I is that of a world in harmony and peace, in which all civilians can quickly and easily communicate with the entire world.

E@I initiates and supports projects with the international help of volunteers, organises educational and cultural events, which work hand in hand with the goals of the organisation, and inform about the importance and usefulness of non-barrier international communication.

Basic information

  • Official name: E@I (Edukácia@Internet)
  • Type: Civic association
  • Founded: 2005
  • Place of residence: Partizánske (Slovakia)
  • IČO: 42013551